Clockwise direction - Amethyst purple raw crystal, Clear Quartz raw crystal, Raspberry Quartz raw crystal tower, Fluorite raw crystal, Lodalite raw crystal small tower, Labradorite raw crystal tower. The middle is Tigers Eye raw crystal tower

Towers, Points, and Raw Crystals

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Crystal Towers, Crystal Points, Raw/Untarnished

Clockwise direction - Amethyst (Purple Stone), Clear Quartz, Raspberry Quartz, Fluorite, Lodalite, Labradorite. The middle is Tigers Eye. 


Crystal Towers create the energy of itself or other crystals it may be around. The towers represent power, strength, and protection. They are used for grids and other types of crystals. This allows for high intentions or just simply getting rid of negative energies. The shape of the tower allows for the natural cleansing of the room or space you put them in.

Crystal points are powerful spiritual tools. Depending on how you place the points, the energies are different. The point facing away directs any and all energies outward. Place the point facing inward and any and all energies are directed inward.

Raw or untarnished stones are amazing and so unique as they still have their natural energy intact. These stones in this form are of the highest quality and are extremely powerful and therapeutic in healing or protecting your chakras as well as your auric energy.


*Crystals can be sold together or individually*



**NOTE: Amethyst, Tigers eye and clear quartz are sold**