Crystal Care

Each bracelet is hand-made and customized to your perfection. These bracelets are made with natural crystals and need to be treated with extra care. The more you treat and care for your jewelry the longer you can enjoy these beautiful pieces for years to come. The bracelets are made with strong elastic cord for less wear and tear. It is best to gently roll the bracelet on and off. This will ensure that the integrity of the bracelet is maintained.
Your skin has natural oils caused by sweat and your environment. This may change the composition of the crystals. It is something that happens naturally over time and wear. The stones should not be exposed to these extreme environments, but if you do please take note this may occur.
The charms and spacers are stainless steel and over time will tarnish. To keep the shine wipe with a dry soft cloth. It is best to keep your bracelets out of an excessive amount of water (i.e - showering, sauna and swimming). This too can alter the stone's composition and integrity.
*All orders are sage'd and ready to wear/use*

Sage burning to cleanse & bless the crystals
Cleansing and Charging

Once the intention you have set on your crystals has been fulfilled or you feel there is stagnant energy on your crystals, it is best to cleanse them. There are many different ways to do so. Please do your research as different stones and crystals require different cleansing methods.

Cleansing Methods: salt, salt water, smudging, incense, water with essential oils

Charging Methods: Exposure to sunlight/moonlight. Full moon is at it's strongest charging point. Can also charge with the new moon to set new intention, venture or purpose. Any earth elements can also be a form of charging (i.e fire and earth.)