About Us

Hi my name is Niki, and I am the creator and designer of Divine Crystals.  It is my joy and pleasure to construct and create these beautiful, unique, custom made pieces for your protection, and spiritual healing. It is something I am deeply passionate about. I have been using and exploring crystals from a young age.  From exploring endless beaches in Greece and all over the world, to the glacier rocks of Alberta, I've always been fascinated and intrigued by raw crystals and stones in their element. Each stone speaks to me in a different way and I am drawn to each one for various reasons. I encourage you to also let each stone speak to you.  My vast knowledge of gemstones will allow me to assist you on your journey.  My mission is to help anyway I can and spread my love of crystals and healing to the world. Shipping worldwide allows me to do this.
Located in Toronto, Canada. Ethically sourced worldwide and intuitively picked.
Love is the answer. Let us lead by example. Each one, teach one. We
can change the world. Let's work together!
Sending light and love! Happy shopping!
Με αγάπη (With Love)
Blue and pink wall in the background with an image of a female sitting low on the floor in a pink blazer with a white t-shirt and blue jeans and black shoes. She is wearing gemstone bracelets on her wrist that she handcrafted and a chakra necklace on and long blonde and brown curly hair.
The information gathered on this website is based on our personal research, experiences and many different books.
Wearing or the use of crystals or stones does not treat, or prevent any disease. Please consult with a health care professional and do not discontinue any medications without consulting your health care professional first. 
The use of stones or crystals are a wellness and alternative form of therapy and it is of personal choice. Crystals and stones have historically been proven to relieve or prevent some symptoms but there is no guarantee of results.