Circle bracelet with blue and green  chrysocolla gemstones beads with wing charm

6mm Chrysocolla Bracelet

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Chrysocolla with gold wings charm




The stone of tranquility, meditation, and communication drawing out negative energy from your home and personal interactions.

This stone provides inner strength on grand scales, stabilization, and serenity. 

For the chakras this stone is great for cleansing, rebuilding, revitalizing all of them, not only for yourself but your connection with the divine (goddess). It allows us to be open and not judgemental and accept ourselves and others as they come.

Helps to control your emotions and not speaking out of pain or anger and by doing so it allows us to forgive and have compassion before attacking someone with our words.  Thinking before speaking stone. 

Very good for detoxing heavy metals out of the body. Paired with other stones offers vast healing of diseases or infection.

*Please do your research or feel free to contact us for any further information or questions*