Amethyst a purple gemstone, Yellow jade and Black Obsidian gemstone bead bracelet with gold buddha head chrams

Amethyst, Yellow Jade and Black Obsidian Mamba Bracelet

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Amethyst, Yellow Jade, Black Obsidian with gold Buddha head charms 




Amethyst is extremely powerful and also a very protective stone that has very high spiritual vibrational energy. This stone is used for an advanced higher state of meditation and consciousness. It calms your mind and allows for better focus and deeper understanding. This stone is so highly spiritual that it encourages the love of the divine, selflessness, common sense in decision making, practical insight, and wisdom harmoniously. This stone is used to cleanse and healing various chakras like the heart, throat, and crown. 

Yellow Jade is energetic and stimulating but has a mellowing effect. It brings joy, happiness and helps us by teaching us about the interconnectedness of all beings around us at any point in time.

Black Obsidian the stone of powerful clean-up of any psychic clogging or haze we sometimes create within our aura. It has powerful metaphysical properties and a strong protection stone for psychics and blocks out negative energy.