Bracelet For Empaths

Bracelet For Empaths

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Malachite, Amethyst, Black tourmaline, Fluorite, Smokey Quartz, and Hematite

6 of the 9 stones for empaths

Type Polished 

Malachite is a powerful stone that increases both positive and negative energy. This stone grounds spiritual energy into the planet. It is important to cleanse this stone before and after use, as it absorbs a lot of different energies, like negative energy, and pollutants from the atmosphere and the body. The stone is an extremely versatile healing stone that allows for deep feelings to surface and break unwanted cycles or ties to unwanted patterns in your life. It allows for self-accountability and actions in your life.

Amethyst is an extremely powerful and also a very protective stone that has very high spiritual vibrational energy. This stone is used for an advanced higher state of meditation and consciousness. It calms your mind and allows for better focus and deeper understanding. This stone is so highly spiritual that it encourages the love of the divine, selflessness, common sense in decision making, practical insight, and wisdom harmoniously. This stone is used to cleanse and heal various chakras like the heart, throat, and crown.

Black tourmaline is a powerful healer for your mind. It balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain allowing for negative thought patterns to dissipate and positive thoughts to flood the mind. It cleanses, purifies, and transforms hard and heavy energies into lighter and softer vibrations. It balances all of the chakras and allows for grounding and forms a protective shield around your body. This stone allows for a deep understanding of yourself and others. It attracts compassion, inspiration, tolerance, and self-confidence. 

Fluorite is a highly protective stone, especially on a psychic level.  It stabilizes and cleanses your aura, by drawing off negative energies and stresses of all kinds. It helps the body by making sure it is in perfect working order, this is done by purifying, dispelling, and reorganizing it. Fluorite grounds and integrates spiritual energies, intuitive powers and unbias impartialities. This beautiful stone is also known as the "genius stone." It is a learning aid stone that organizes and helps you process information. It allows for spiritual awakening and focuses the mind, linking it to the universe.

Smokey quartz is a great stone for meditation and a very efficient grounding and anchoring stone. This protective stone is good for the base chakra and has a strong link to the earth. This quartz brings emotional calmness, relieves stress and anxiety. It gets rid of depression, any fears you may have, and negativity. Its energy protects from geopathic stress and electromagnetic smog. It helps with detoxification and elimination of things on all levels replacing them with positive energy and vibes. It is great for environmental healing.  

Hematite harmonizes mind, body, and spirit by effectively grounding and protecting you. The strong yang elements it holds help to balance the meridians within the yin imbalances. It restores peace and harmony to your body and aura. It prevents negative energy. This stone helps with shyness and helps to boost survivability and self-esteem. It brings concentration to the mind for better focus, willpower, and confidence without any limitations. 


Available in 6 and 8mm