Circle bracelet with Black Onyx and red, green and yellow jade gemstone beaded bracelet with silver spacers

Black Onyx and Marley Jade Bracelet

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Gemstone Black Onyx, Green Jade, Yellow Jade, Red Jade with silver accents
Type Polished

Onyx is the stone of strength. In difficult times or times of enormous mental or physical stress, this stone provides you with support and feeling at ease in whatever surrounds you. Onyx absorbs universal energies and allows the body to heal while balancing the ying and yang within you.

Green Jade is the stone of purity and serenity. It aids in wisdom and allows for tranquility. The stone is used for the heart chakra and allows for an abundance of love and nurturing. Jade is a protective stone and allows harmony, not harm. Good for luck, wealth, and friendship. It helps to stimulate the mind and allows for ease in tasks and the release of negative energies or thoughts. 

Yellow Jade is energetic and stimulating but has a mellowing effect. Think 'mellow yellow'. It brings joy, happiness and helps us by teaching us about the interconnectedness of all beings around us at any point in time.

Red Jade is the stone of the warrior's energy. Allows for the Chi to shine bringing forth strong life force energy. This stone stimulates your will and power to come forth and bring passion and physical vitality.