Three dried up sage plants in a row with green string wrapped around them

Organic Sage

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Type  Sage

Sage = Smudging an ancient spiritual ritual.  

Traditionally used by Aboriginals, indigenous, and First Nations tribes for healing, cooking as well as medicinal use. Still used today, some use sage for cleansing a space and getting rid of negative or stagnant energies. Purifying specific things or objects. Reducing stress, anxiety, and allowing you to feel calm and relaxed. To create and enhance clarity, wisdom, and healing. Use it to cleanse and clean your crystals of unwanted energies allowing your crystals to be used at their fullest potential.  

*Disclaimer: When using sage to please make sure you set your intentions either before or during the smudging process. 

When cleansing or smudging a space remove unwanted items, pets, or people from that space.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to leave a window or door open when using sage before, during, and after as the smoke may carry unwanted energies you want to get rid of while cleansing your space. 

Burning sage is sacred. Treat the ritual and tradition with respect and honour.