Circle bracelet with sun coloured and pinkish brown sunstone gemstone beads with silver buddha head

Sunstone Bracelet

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Gemstone Sunstone with silver Buddha charm
Type Polished
Meaning/Healing This stone is linked with luck and good fortune. For your chakras, it clears and reenergizes all of them.  It is a happy stone which allows good nature and heightened intuition to shine through. Helps you be yourself and encourages optimism and enthusiasm. During meditation, it brings a strong connection of peace and light from the sun's energy and power. The ‘cutting ties’ stone helps get rid of things or people that no longer bring you positivity and drain you from your own energy. This stone removes any codependency you may be feeling and replaces it with self-empowerment and independence to aid you in moving on with what may be holding you back. As the seasons change this stone really helps in the transition of seasonal disorders, helps to keep you in light when winter can seem so dark and cold.