Circle bracelet with red coral, dark blue sparkly sandstone and yellow jade gemstone beads with gold buddha head.

The Dalai Lama Bracelet

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Gemstone Blue Sandstone, Yellow Jade, Red Coral with gold accents and gold Buddha charm
Type Polished

Blue Sandstone is the stone of victory. This stone heightens your courage, physical energy, and wisdom. It helps deflect and deter negative energy. It encourages self-motivation and drive, which help increase your confidence and willpower. It has a calming grounding effect which helps promote glory and success. It releases any anxiety and stress you may have or are experiencing. 

Yellow Jade is energetic and stimulating but has a mellowing effect. It brings joy, happiness and helps us by teaching us about the interconnectedness of all beings around us at any point in time.

Red Coral supports friendships and invokes passion, optimism, romantic love, and enthusiasm. It absorbs negativity and protects from depression. It calms your emotions by bringing you peace, motivation, and energetic energy so you can pursue your ambitions and goals to the fullest.